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Design Art Fair

DesignArt London is London’s first design art fair devoted exclusively to modern and contemporary furniture and decorative arts: the haute couture of the design world. An international fair dedicated to modern and contemporary design DesignArt London, the City’s premier design art fair, will return this year for its 2008 edition from October 15 to 19,…

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Features of the Perfect Website

A website is made up of several things both on the end user side and the developer’s side. Users navigate through a website doing whatever the site allows them, and most of them are not aware of the code that will enable them to execute all their tasks. A perfect website is quite unrealistic in…

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Visual Design

“Design” is a many-facetted word that encompasses everything from the elaboration of technical issues in the plans for a manmade object to purely visual concerns about what it looks like. For philosophers, design implies a pattern and a purpose.

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