Internet Service Providers by Zip Code – Selection Considerations

Have you ever taken up a bunch of your valuable time researching various broadband companies, only to find out that while they do provide service to your city, they don’t actually have network access to your particular address? This is a common occurrence, especially in well-populated cities. Folks in smaller towns generally know who the providers are, simply by checking with their neighbors. Generally, their options are more limited.

Determining who offers internet connectivity to your address should be top of the list before going any further with your research. That is why checking availability of internet service providers by zip code is such a helpful timesaver. By interacting with the interfaces of broadband providers, you can enter your location information including zip code, and within moments you will have determined if that particular company services your address. When you utilize a quality resource that enables you to do just that with several top providers across the nation, it is an even bigger bonus.

Some good questions to ask yourself before making any decisions include:

• What do I need to support my online habits in terms of speed and bandwidth?
• Will I be networking several computers at my address?
• What can I afford?
• What are providers offering that will be of benefit to me?
• What are the differences between the various internet technologies available, and which technology will best serve me in an affordable manner?

One resource available highlights internet providers by zip code by first listing top providers by state. Simply check the lists to see which provider(s) list your state. Then, proceed to check availability until you have narrowed down the list.

Why narrow your list to only the larger-name companies? In a word, trust. While you might be able to get rock solid prices out of smaller companies, what you might be lacking in is reliability, infrastructure, longevity, customer and technical service. Also, the larger providers are more likely to provide you with opportunities to bundle your service, which means more money in your pocket and more convenience in bill paying.

Available broadband delivery technologies to consider include:

DSL Service

• Dedicated bandwidth
• Utilizes existing landline telephone infrastructure
• Doesn’t interfere with telephone service like dialup
• Cheaper than cable


• Shared bandwidth with others in your neighborhood
• Broadband access delivered via cable, just like cable television
• Tends to be more expensive than DSL, but with faster speeds


• Special equipment required
• Broadband delivered via satellite over airwaves
• Generally considered more expensive than other options, but prices are becoming competitive

Fiber Optics

• Dedicated bandwidth delivered on special fiber optic cable
• Highest speeds available
• Television service top of the line in terms of clarity

Finally, make sure you match your speed requirements to the plans available. Also, try to project out your usage in a year or so, and make sure either to select adequate speed up front, or verify that your provider will enable you to upgrade at a later date.