New Chip Technology Brought Incredibly Fast Internet

It was a couple of years ago that a periodical reported that IBM had created a new chip technology that would pave the way to consumers being able to realize unprecedented speeds on the information superhighway. This was terrific news because networks were burgeoning with new internet users at the time, and still are.

Today has seen many more advances taking place. Now, gigabit networks are the norm, with experts expecting them to take over in just a couple of years from now. The creation of advanced semiconductors which greatly increase processing speeds and memory capacity in both wireless and fiber optic networks continue to be created. These are both considered to be the infrastructures of the future, able to handle the influx of new web users. We certainly have come a long way from that article published just two years ago. There seems to be no end in sight for the growth of internet-enabled devices like smart phones, notebooks, laptops, and more.

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