Canadian Wireless Internet Providers Cite Surveillance Concerns With Verizon Market Entrance

The contention continues between wireless ISPs in Canada in the face of Verizon’s bid to enter the country’s wireless market. The newest tactic being used by wireless Canadian ISPs to try and change public and government opinion is to cite the current surveillance issues Americans are grappling with across the border. More specifically, this latest campaign will illustrate the risk for greater surveillance and less privacy for Canadians should an American company be allowed to enter the country. An ad campaign is a part of the plan, with ads possibly appearing online, in print publications and on the radio.

However, it appears that the Canadian government is holding fast to its stance. It says that the allowance of wireless internet providers from other countries will increase competition in the Canadian wireless market, something it says is needed in order to provide the best prices to customers. The issue is with the fact that, should Verizon enter the Canadian market, it will be allowed to bid on upcoming spectrum auctions, something Canadian companies say it shouldn’t be entitled to, considering that they are not allowed to bid on American spectrum. But the government has been dismissing this as ‘overheated rhetoric’, saying that it’s companies who have a vested interest in the benefits of this move that are making the most noise about it.

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