Accessing Facebook Via Internet Service Providers In My Area To Post Photos Not Normal: Study

A United Kingdom study has revealed that if you use Facebook to post photos, that you could be in the non-normal minority of the social media giant’s users. In fact, the study went further to say that if you use Facebook to do this, that you could actually be risking damage to the relationships you have in real life. Quite the statement, considering the seeming-harmlessness involved with posting photos. But the report states that the more photos we post and share of ourselves, the more intimacy decreases. Perhaps this is due to the same phenomenon which can occur amongst the friends of new parents; although the new addition is exciting, not everyone will think it’s exciting enough to warrant a slew of pictures of every little thing the baby does.

In addition is the fact that in posting numerous photos of oneself on Facebook can often make one seem as though they are showing off. That, or trying to make their life seem much more exciting than reality via internet service providers in my area, which also turns photo viewers off. However, there are some gray areas in the study, due to the fact that it was conducted by academics. But regardless, it does provide a warning to users that not everyone may think their posted photos are as great as they do.

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